A Person Using the YouTube App

Since YouTube’s announcement of YouTube TV, its plan to dominate the television market has been making serious headway. It appears that YouTube is continuing to expand its television demographic to a younger audience with its recent announcement that the YouTube Kids app is now accessible on smart tvs. The YouTube Kids app is specifically designed for young children ages four and up looking to watch wholesome and family-friendly content on YouTube. YouTube Kids allows parents to control what and how their children watch YouTube content.

The YouTube Kids app has a settings feature which allows adults to control search capabilities or set a time limit so that they can restrict the total duration of videos their child is watching. For additional control measures, parents can also block content or channels on the app. Parents need not worry about the content of the ads, as all paid media undergo a rigorous vetting process to ensure that the content is family-friendly. For brands and advertisers, the YouTube Kids app is another way to target a specific demographic.

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