family friendly influencers on Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform that can move the needle for your brand or agency. With more than 500 million users producing an average of 70 million photos daily, Instagram is one of the most engaging and aspirational platforms for brands looking to visually highlight their products or services.

A great way to turbocharge your brand’s marketing strategy is partnering with a family friendly social media influencer.  These family friendly influencers only promote brands they truly love so a recommendation to their followers carries significant weight.

Most Instagram users visit the platform looking for inspirational posts and to follow their favorite digital influencers. These top content creators (or Instagrammers) provide this and more. Here are a few of the best family friendly influencers on the platform:

  • AprilAthena7: April Moore is a dynamic Instagrammer who boasts many talents.  Her Instagram page features an impressive 160,000 followers and over 200 pictures and videos.  April’s posts chronicle her daily life with husband Justin and their young son, Liam.  She also showcases her diverse talents as a cooking, lifestyle, and beauty influencer on her feed.  Did we mention that she also happens to be a co-founder of Trending Family?
  • OurFamilyNest: Our Family Nest is a family of eleven (including five pets) from Michigan who make daily videos for their YouTube channel. They have a strong presence on Instagram as well with over 2,800 posts and 135,000 followers.  Their posts reveal a family that loves to entertain their audience.
  • ChrisBallinger: Another influential family vlogger, Chris has a strong presence on InstagramHe began his career creating videos to show off his magic skills and adventures with his family.  He creates fun and engaging content with a comedic edge for his 345,000 followers on Instagram.
  • EllieMecham: Ellie Mecham, along with her husband Jared, post daily vlogs on their YouTube channel “Ellie & Jared.”  On Instagram, Ellie loves posting about her family, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.  With over 1,400 posts and 410,000 followers, Ellie is always willing to share her varied expertise.
  • culligan27:  Cullen’s Instagram byline states that he likes pictures and YouTube.  And turtles.  This fun irreverence has netted a strong following on both Instagram and YouTube, where he posts daily vlogs with his wife Katie and two children.  Cullen, who also started the popular Instagram trend “Targetballing,” has over 220,000 followers.


Moms currently account for 80% of household purchasing decisions and $3.1 trillion in spending.  If your brand is interested in starting an influencer campaign on Instagram with a family friendly influencer to tap into this significant marketing opportunity, contact Trending Family today.