An influencer taking a photo of herself

A digital influencer poses as she gets her photo taken for a brand campaign.

In a previous post, we detailed why launching a successful influencer marketing campaign requires significant planning and organization. In this post, we’ll go over some common mistakes that many brands and agencies make when first starting out:

  1. Partnering with the Wrong Influencer: The consequences when brands fail to properly vet an influencer can be dire.  Further, many confuse audience reach with engagement and don’t consider other factors such as past sponsorships or the length of the partnership.
  2. Treating Influencers as Actors Rather Than Granting Creative Freedom: Digital influencers in many ways have surpassed mainstream celebrities when it comes to developing consumer trust and authenticity.. If your brand or agency is only looking for digital amplification of a traditional campaign with little input from the influencer, consumers may be quick to call it out as inauthentic. Finding the right balance requires marketers to give up a little creative latitude in exchange for a more seamless integration.
  3. Failure to Establish Clear KPIs: If your brand is new to influencer marketing, setting clear business objectives is a must. After establishing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) be sure to track them consistently and measure against platform-specific benchmarks.
  4. Only Looking at Short-term Results: Failure to develop a long-term relationship with an influencer can defeat one of the biggest advantages of influencer marketing. Not only does this allow influencers to reinforce with their audiences that they are continuing to use a product but brands can hone and test messaging and Calls-to-Action over time across different campaigns.
  5. Not Complying with FTC Guidelines: The Federal Trade Commission recently reprimanded 90 influencers for not being transparent about their relationships with brands. According to the FTC, if a brand and an influencer have a material connection they must disclose it clearly. Failure to comply with these evolving disclosure requirements can not only hurt your brand’s reputation but also the bottom line since hefty fines may be levied.

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