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Facebook Introduces Spaces, A VR Social App

In a previous blog post, we’ve mentioned how major brands have been turning to virtual reality (VR) to deliver serious impact in their marketing strategies. While VR can be costly to implement, brands have the ability to generate a personalized, one-of-a-kind advertising experience for consumers. Now, it appears Facebook is keen on becoming one of […]

Major Brands Incorporating Virtual Reality to Marketing Efforts

Virtual reality is the newest phenomenon that has taken the media world by storm. With a projected revenue of $14.6 billion by 2020, VR has brands like Toms, Lowes, Mercedes, and more benefiting from its ability to generate an immersive experience for consumers while showcasing the full extent of the brand’s mission and message. Using […]

Virtual Reality and Influencer Marketing

Virtual Reality (VR) is an exploding platform and format to consume videos and play video games.  VR allows users to explore all 360 degrees of an environment with the use of binocular-style headsets. These headsets encompass their field of vision, giving users an expanded viewpoint. As Virtual Reality evolves, consumers will increasingly interact with these […]