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Social Media Influencer Marketing on Pinterest: A Beginner’s Guide to Picking the Best Social Media Platforms for Your Brand – Part 5

As the “inspiration” headquarters of social media, Pinterest is changing the way people shop. Roughly nine out of 10 Pinterest users have purchased something because of the platform, according to a 2015 Millward Brown study. (Previous posts in this series: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) The “consumer journey” has become an obsession for the online shopping industry; customers start […]

How to Get Social Media Influencers to Review Your Product

Interested in getting your brand reviewed or promoted by social media influencers? Here are some quick tips. Does Your Brand Fit with their Audience? Before contacting specific influencers, make sure your brand can answer the most important question: Does your product solve a problem experienced by that influencer’s audience? If not, you’ll need to refine […]

How Much to Pay Social Media Influencers

Though the going rate for partnering with social media influencers varies as much as their online personalities, there are best practices to negotiating a mutually beneficial agreement. Types of Compensation Monetary, Flat Fee The most common form of compensation is paying influencers a flat fee in exchange for promotion. Brands and influencers alike prefer a […]

Long-Term Partnerships with Social Media Influencers

How often should your brand work with social media influencers?  Is it better to only work with influencers once then move on in search of a “fresh” audience from another influencer?  The consensus among brands and influencers alike is that long-term partnerships have several advantages over one-off deals.    Making it Stick When you hire […]

4 Tips to Find Family-Friendly YouTube Influencers

Is your brand nervous to work with social media influencers for fear they’ll say or do something that doesn’t align with your brand’s values? Don’t worry. Whether you’re promoting baby products, consumer electronics or clothing, there’s an influencer that’s right for your brand. While it’s true some social publishers have reputations for being crass, there […]

5 Tips for Successful Influencer Marketing on Social Media

As momentum for brands on social media continues to build, it’s no surprise that PepsiCo’s Global Director of Digital and Social Media, Bonin Bough, hailed influencer relationship management as the future of digital marketing. Consumers value relationships with online tastemakers more than ever, prompting brands to team with influencers to spread their messages and create […]

How to Work with Social Media Influencers

From Expedia to Pepsi, companies across almost every industry are partnering with influencers to deepen their consumer base. A 2015 study showed eight out of 10 marketers who have used influencer marketing campaigns found it effective, according to eMarketer. Leveraging this collaboration with online thought leaders, when done right, can boost your relationships with active […]