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The Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in an Influencer Marketing Campaign

In a previous post, we detailed why launching a successful influencer marketing campaign requires significant planning and organization. In this post, we’ll go over some common mistakes that many brands and agencies make when first starting out: Partnering with the Wrong Influencer: The consequences when brands fail to properly vet an influencer can be dire. […]

Should brands focus marketing on one social media platform or diversify?

In an era when 68 percent of adults have a Facebook account, marketing on social media is no longer an option for brands but a necessity. Most brands and influencers consider the safest bets to be YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. However, spreading marketing dollars evenly across every major social media platform just to […]

Amazon Introduces Social Media Influencer Program

  Amazon has launched a beta test of its new social media influencer program in hopes that digital influencers will drive more customers to their site. Although the company already has an affiliate program which many have been using for quite some time, it seems as though the brand wants to create a more exclusive program […]

The Top Misconceptions About Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has defied just about every rule of conventional marketing. Despite the numerous accounts of success, some brands are still skeptical of the impact of influencer marketing. In this post, we’ll clear up some common misconceptions. ROI Is Hard to Measure: All the major social media platforms are now regularly updating advertiser analytics, giving […]

Can Influencer Marketplaces Replace Traditional Vetting?

The process of finding the right influencers for brands and agencies is often time-consuming and can be frustrating. There are a plethora of digital influencers to choose from, and it may be difficult to discern which influencers are the best fit for a particular campaign. As influencer marketing continues its steady rise, software and algorithms […]

How to Convince Your Clients to Try Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing has quickly evolved into a pivotal tool agencies and brands can use to grow their audiences and sell their products and services. This Google Trends graph below illustrates the growth trajectory for influencer marketing: At its very core, influencer marketing is about creating more engaging, authentic content, to augment existing digital marketing strategies. […]

WhatsApp Plans to Dominate Snapchat Market

WhatsApp has recently made headlines by announcing its new Status feature, modeled after Snapchat’s Stories. In a previous post, we’ve discussed how Snapchat has been proven to be invaluable for influencer marketing due to its authentic and spontaneous content. WhatsApp’s decision to add its own Status feature could possibly serve as another cost-effective avenue for […]

Virtual Reality and Influencer Marketing

Virtual Reality (VR) is an exploding platform and format to consume videos and play video games.  VR allows users to explore all 360 degrees of an environment with the use of binocular-style headsets. These headsets encompass their field of vision, giving users an expanded viewpoint. As Virtual Reality evolves, consumers will increasingly interact with these […]

Is Houseparty the New Snapchat?

House parties are gatherings that allow friends and family to get together in a social setting. These parties present opportunities to spend more quality time while sharing in the same experience. The Houseparty app has the same idea in mind — with a slightly different twist. From Live on Air, the makers of Meerkat, Houseparty […]

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