Adweek’s recent article revealed that influencers are expecting marketers to help them evolve into better brand ambassadors by giving them a seat at the table. Influencers surveyed had five concerns: innovation, discovery, research, products, and resources. If brands want content that is not only organic but also authentically delivered, they must assist influencers in generating new ideas as well as aid in the growth of their audience. The relationship between brands and influencers must be mutually beneficial. Brands should promote the content as much as the influencers.

Additionally, brands should provide their partners with the latest and greatest products. They should also consider involving influencers in the product development process. Finally, brands shouldn’t expect their influencers to generate all of the content during a campaign on their own. It is good to give influencers creative freedom. However, brands should provide a lot more support such as studio time and professional editing if they want highly polished content.

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