Mobile marketing is more important than ever for brands looking to stay relevant to millennial consumers. Over two-thirds of Americans own smartphones so your brand’s mobile marketing strategies must be unique to the medium. One source many marketers are tapping is digital influencers. Here are a few ways  to start implementing mobile influencer marketing today:

Provide Exclusive Offers: By offering exclusive deals on your mobile website or app, consumers will be more compelled to opt-in. In fact, 77 percent of consumers spent at least $10 to $50 dollars more when redeeming mobile coupons. Digital influencers have long been providing their followers with exclusive affiliate links and discount codes so partnering with them to create customized, native content may move the needle even more.  

Use Influencers to Legitimize Your App: It’s predicted that by 2020, there will be 5 million apps in the Apple App store. As such, it is increasingly more difficult to get your brand’s app noticed. Despite how innovative and featured-packed it is, without proper exposure and traction, it may produce very little business results. Apps like Hotel Tonight acquired a larger and targeted user base simply by partnering with digital influencers like Gregory Tinari of MenStyleGuide, a fashion and lifestyle influencer, who featured Hotel Tonight in an Instagram post.

Integrate Social Media: Ideally, your brand’s app or mobile website should effortlessly integrate every major social media platform to make sharing easy. Digital influencers on Instagram or Twitter can play a key role by encouraging their followers to interact with your mobile app or website. For example, brands can allow users to upload their Instagram photos onto your app during a campaign or showcase live tweets featuring your brand’s personal hashtag.

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