In a recent article published by Buffer, it appears that when it comes to video metrics, Facebook and YouTube have the most comprehensive analytics among its social media competitors like Snapchat. Facebook and YouTube both allow creators to measure the average view duration, unique viewers, video views, likes and dislikes, comments, and shares. Twitter and Periscope follow closely behind, while Instagram just barely manages to surpass Snapchat as a result of its three separate platforms (live, stories, and video).

While many marketers still struggle with what constitutes a legitimate view, YouTube still leads the pack in terms of measuring quality with more stringent regulations—Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Periscope all count watching a video for three seconds or lower as a view. YouTube, on the other hand, requires that each video undergo inspection once it reaches more than 300 views and ensures that the same viewer does not count as multiple views even if the video is replayed more than once within a specific time frame.

What is important to note about each of these social platforms is that while they have varying video metrics, all of them are still effective media for brand marketing. Analytics alone should not be a determining factor in which social media platforms to consider for your campaigns. Each platform has a unique appeal and limitations which marketers and influencers must fully comprehend. A video created for Instagram should be different in form and function from a video intended for YouTube (e.g. duration). This is a key reason marketers seek out top digital influencers for brand campaigns because influencers know best how to adjust their content for each platform to maximize success.

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