How To Get Social Media Influencers To Review Your Brand, Product, or Service

Interested in getting your brand reviewed or promoted by social media influencers? Here are some quick tips.

Does Your Brand Fit with their Audience?

Before contacting specific influencers, make sure your brand can answer the most important question: Does your product solve a problem experienced by that influencer’s audience? If not, you’ll need to refine your selection criteria. Targeting the types of content (videos, blogs, etc.) your consumer demographic follows will narrow your search for the right social media partner.

Getting through to influencers

Most influencers receive dozens of inquiries every day from brands looking for exposure. In order to cut through the noise, make sure your message is simple and transparent:

  • what you want from them
  • what the timeline is
  • whether there will be compensation

Step into their shoes and lay out why partnering with your brand would be a great decision.  Influencers understand that they have the ability to drive millions of followers to your product or service so your brand’s proposal must be reverent of this dynamic.  

Free vs. Paid

Which brings us to our next point: establishing compensation for an influencer’s promotion. The majority of the top social media influencers will not conduct reviews in exchange for only free products due to an abundance of other brands willing to provide monetary compensation.  It’s possible your brand may be able to entice some influencers using a free-product strategy though it’s likely not sustainable to achieve satisfactory reach.  A more measured approach would be to employ a broad sample of influencers (both smaller and larger followings) and then examine the results.

It’s important to diversify your influencer outreach to increase the likelihood of campaign success. If your brand has worked with smaller influencers who accepted free product in the past but the campaign fell short of the desired results, it doesn’t mean influencer marketing doesn’t work; it’s likely you need to partner with more prominent influencers who can move the needle.

Once you find a social media influencer willing to review your product or service, take the necessary steps to foster a long-term relationship. Just as turnover is bad for business, neglecting to show respect and appreciation to your influencer ambassadors may come back to bite you. By understanding the dynamics of working with influencers, your investment will nurture a longevity that will pay dividends for your brand.

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