In a previous blog post, we’ve mentioned how major brands have been turning to virtual reality (VR) to deliver serious impact in their marketing strategies. While VR can be costly to implement, brands have the ability to generate a personalized, one-of-a-kind advertising experience for consumers. Now, it appears Facebook is keen on becoming one of the first major social media companies to experiment with the technology with the announcement of Spaces, a VR social application. After Facebook acquired startup Oculus VR in 2014 for an astounding $2 billion, it was predicted VR technology would soon be incorporated into Facebook’s social platform, but it was not yet clear how this would be executed. With Spaces, it seems that Facebook is one step closer to realizing its vision.

The purpose of Spaces is to connect users more intimately. Spaces requires that users create personalized avatars, which they can use to meet up with other users in a Facebook generated virtual space of their choice. Users can then travel with other users to “places” from a selection of photos or videos. Users can also “view” personal two-dimensional photos together with other users. Facebook Messenger is also accessible through Spaces, allowing users to video call others through their VR headsets.

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