Influencer Marketing has quickly evolved into a pivotal tool agencies and brands can use to grow their audiences and sell their products and services. This Google Trends graph below illustrates the growth trajectory for influencer marketing:

At its very core, influencer marketing is about creating more engaging, authentic content, to augment existing digital marketing strategies. There are several reasons brands and agencies should consider adding an influencer marketing component to their upcoming media plan:

  • Leveraging the Power of an Influencer: Most influencers have deep, intimate connections with their audiences, often developed organically over many years. As a result, to maintain that trust, influencers will think very carefully about which products and services they recommend to their followers. Once your brand can illustrate its value to an influencer, their testimonial can have incredible impact.
  • Unique Content: Influencers can create authentic, customized content for your brand at a fraction of the cost of a traditional production.
  • Distribution and Virality: By tapping into an influencer’s social following with custom content, brands have a built-in distribution platform that can even be amplified with an additional media spend. Further, this content can live on indefinitely, accumulating long-tail impressions and even occasionally, massive virality.

Influencer Marketing Benefits

The loyalty that top influencers have gained can often extend to your brand, helping the campaign message spread quickly throughout popular social platforms. With consumers placing more and more trust in what influencers say and do, it’s crucial that brands and agencies learn to leverage this authority by building long-term relationships with relevant influencers. For example, an influencer contracted to a 1 year ambassadorship for a brand can be utilized to share other marketing collateral beyond custom content, such as case studies, testimonials, sharing or reposting your brand’s social posts, and more.

Ultimately, brands must look at influencer marketing as a “value-add” to their overall strategy rather than a pure ROI calculation.

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