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Why Brands Are Failing to Connect With New Parents

Becoming a parent is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many people. According to a recent study conducted by Ipsos on behalf of the firm Ketchum, it appears that most brands are failing to properly connect with this important demographic. Approximately 73 percent of parents acknowledged that learning how to be a parent was overwhelming. Brands have […]

WhatsApp Plans to Dominate Snapchat Market

WhatsApp has recently made headlines by announcing its new Status feature, modeled after Snapchat’s Stories. In a previous post, we’ve discussed how Snapchat has been proven to be invaluable for influencer marketing due to its authentic and spontaneous content. WhatsApp’s decision to add its own Status feature could possibly serve as another cost-effective avenue for […]

YouTube Reaches 1 Billion Hours of Videos Watched Per Day

According to the a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, YouTube viewers all across the globe are collectively watching an average of 1 billion hours of video per day. This milestone is impressive considering that within two years YouTube has managed to double its average hours of 500 million in 2015. However, this number […]

comScore to Launch Mobile Video Metrics for YouTube, Partners To Benefit

comScore, a media measurement and analytics company, has recently revealed that they will now provide mobile viewing metrics to YouTube and others in its Partner Program. According to previous data, which claims that mobile consumption on YouTube rises 100 percent annually, it is no surprise that YouTube has sought out mobile data analytics. comScore, which […]

Snapchat Spectacles: Implications for Brands and Influencers

What are Snapchat Spectacles? This is the question social media users will be asking in the coming days and weeks. Snapchat, the mobile app that lets you communicate with friends through videos and photos and allows you to view stories from all over the world, is branching out into hardware. Spectacles are a hands-free solution to shooting video […]