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YouTube Adds More Content Filters for Advertisers

Several large advertisers have pulled their ads from YouTube after the recent discovery their products been appearing before controversial videos on the platform. As a response, YouTube has added three new content filters, providing the options to filter out sexually suggestive content, sensational or shocking content, and content with profanity and rough language. While these […]

Can Influencer Marketplaces Replace Traditional Vetting?

The process of finding the right influencers for brands and agencies is often time-consuming and can be frustrating. There are a plethora of digital influencers to choose from, and it may be difficult to discern which influencers are the best fit for a particular campaign. As influencer marketing continues its steady rise, software and algorithms […]

How to Convince Your Clients to Try Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing has quickly evolved into a pivotal tool agencies and brands can use to grow their audiences and sell their products and services. This Google Trends graph below illustrates the growth trajectory for influencer marketing: At its very core, influencer marketing is about creating more engaging, authentic content, to augment existing digital marketing strategies. […]

Finding the Right Influencers for Your Brand

In 2017, more marketers than ever are expected to incorporate an influencer marketing strategy as part of their marketing plans. Having an influencer marketing budget is important, but finding the right influencers for your brand or agency is of equal or of more importance. The relationship between a brand and influencer is an integral part […]

WhatsApp Plans to Dominate Snapchat Market

WhatsApp has recently made headlines by announcing its new Status feature, modeled after Snapchat’s Stories. In a previous post, we’ve discussed how Snapchat has been proven to be invaluable for influencer marketing due to its authentic and spontaneous content. WhatsApp’s decision to add its own Status feature could possibly serve as another cost-effective avenue for […]

Measuring a Video View on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat

In a recent article published by Buffer, it appears that when it comes to video metrics, Facebook and YouTube have the most comprehensive analytics among its social media competitors like Snapchat. Facebook and YouTube both allow creators to measure the average view duration, unique viewers, video views, likes and dislikes, comments, and shares. Twitter and […]

Managing an Influencer Campaign Part 3: Influencer Coordination

Coordination is one of the most important components of any influencer campaign. Selecting the talent, keeping them on schedule, and maintaining frequent communication is crucial to overall success. In the second post of our multi-part series entitled “Managing an Influencer Campaign,” we discussed the planning stages of an influencer campaign. Part three of our series […]

Influencers Don’t Want to Work with My Brand

Influencers can do wonders for you. If your brand is seeking an increase in awareness, working with a social media influencer can be incredibly impactful. The good news: According to a recent eMarketer survey, 84% of marketers will start an influencer program in the next 12 months. Here’s the bad news: Not all influencers will […]

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