The process of finding the right influencers for brands and agencies is often time-consuming and can be frustrating. There are a plethora of digital influencers to choose from, and it may be difficult to discern which influencers are the best fit for a particular campaign. As influencer marketing continues its steady rise, software and algorithms are currently being hailed as the ultimate solution for brands in need of influencers. But does relying only on quantitative metrics expose your brand or agency to risk?

Existing “self-service” influencer marketplaces tout access to various analytics such as rates of engagement, follower size, and demographics. While these data are definitely important, they’re not enough to  ensure good influencer partnerships. Traditional vetting is a crucial, if not mandatory component to gauge how well an influencer will align with your brand’s values. The vetting process ensures that the influencers not only have a solid following and authority but also helps identify candidates who have been involved in controversy or may have even worked with a competitor recently. Further, and perhaps most importantly, vetting helps determine which influencers are reliable.

The largest and most obvious risks for brands of working with a suboptimal influencer is the chance of lackluster performance or even developing an unsavory reputation. There’s also an opportunity cost associated with foregoing amazing influencer partnerships due to only cursory reviews of candidates with lesser reach. Campaigns often perform much better hiring influencers with a higher engagement rate than follower size. While some brands might assume that reach alone promises increased brand awareness and ROI, there is no guarantee that this approach will keep your campaign afloat. It is far better to conduct a holistic review of both an influencers’ qualitative alignment and quantitative metrics to ensure the best possible candidates for a campaign.

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