YouTube continues to be a platform that focuses on making the user experience better, especially on cross-screens. Google understands that building scalable solutions to reach audiences on mobile screens is more important than ever because of where users consume their content.  YouTube and Google are now commanding a larger share of views through mobile. YouTube is not just the most widely-viewed social media platform, it has become the destination of choice for mobile users looking for the latest information on products and services, what to watch, and when to watch it.

To ease access and security concerns for users, Google has announced several changes to help users control their ad experience on YouTube, and help advertisers and agencies measure their campaigns with more efficiency and accuracy.

Insights and Reporting

Google is developing a new measurement solution that will generate more accurate advertiser insights, while maintaining the security and privacy of users on YouTube and Google.  Information based off the activity of the users is used to influence ads users will see on YouTube.  The goal is to deliver content that is more relevant across screens.  Google will continue to work with partners comScore and Nielsen to measure campaign performance independently.  

Google is also helping advertisers use customer data to reach high-value customers on YouTube.  Customer Match is an ad innovation designed to find compatible partners you already have a relationship with based on a previous purchase. According to Adwords, 70% of online consumers note that the time, quality, and relevance of a brand’s message will influence the perception of that brand.  Google will leverage its distinctive position in this arena to connect those consumers and brands in the most relevant ways possible.

Reaching Your Target Audience

For advertisers and agencies, the goal is to reach your audience in new, inventive ways.  They also want to deliver content that is more relevant.  With over 50% of YouTube views on mobile, advertisers and agencies need to reach those audiences with less difficulty.  Finding their most valuable customers when it matters — and understanding the impact their campaigns have on their customers — is crucial to improving the effectiveness of a campaign, and providing a better experience to their highest-value customers.

The Future of Mobile- First Solutions

With more and more viewers heading to YouTube via mobile, now is the time to maximize the reach of the ads across screens, improving how you reach your target audience.  Thus, Google is looking to support the platforms where users live most.  They will also limit the use of cookies and pixels on YouTube beginning in 2017.  These technologies, while still relevant, play less of a role in multi-screen usage and were not specifically designed to aid users watching content on YouTube through mobile apps or streamed through television.

Google’s investment in mobile-first solutions gives users more choice over how they encounter ads on YouTube and Google. This also presents advertisers more opportunities to give their audience more relevant moments when they watch their content.

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