Influencers and social media

Influencers can do wonders for you. If your brand is seeking an increase in awareness, working with a social media influencer can be incredibly impactful.

The good news: According to a recent eMarketer survey, 84% of marketers will start an influencer program in the next 12 months. Here’s the bad news: Not all influencers will want to work with you. What happens when an influencer isn’t interested in working with your brand?

Brands and agencies want to create successful relationships with their influencers. The goal is to create an authentic partnership that benefits all parties involved but reaching that ideal can sometimes be difficult.

There will inevitably be a point where you will reach an impasse since most top-tier influencers are incredibly busy. They’re flooded with dozens of offers from other brands and if you inundate them with too many requests or complicated contracts, it’s possible they’ll simply turn you down.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help avoid these issues:

  • Create value: The relationship with your influencers should be genuine and mutual, always treat it as such. Think about what you can offer each other and the clear benefits. Make it simple to work with your brand by ensuring your entire team is onboard and eliminating internal red tape.
  • Establish long-term collaborations: Most influencers prefer to work with brands on multiple posts over a longer time-period. This allows them to reinforce with their audience that they’re continuing to use your products and allows your brand the ability to touch on different key messaging throughout the year.
  • Choose the right influencers: Do not select influencers based solely on their social reach. It’s critical they match your brand’s values, personality, and aesthetic for the relationship and content to be authentic.
Preparing an influencer pitch

The influencer pitch email gets your foot in the door and establishes your first point of contact. According to Jay Baer of Convince & Convert, your initial email must contain three key components:

  • Explain the benefits: Articulate what you have to offer the influencer and what benefits they will receive from your partnership.
  • Provide specifics: Always provide a detailed plan for your influencer to follow. How many posts? Which platforms? What will they post about? FTC disclosure requirements? What is the budget?
  • Create deadlines: Always provide a concrete time frame for campaign participation. Most influencers have a very busy production and travel schedule so make it easy for them to decide if it’s logistically feasible.

Trending Family has long-standing relationships with its roster of family-friendly social media influencers. We have the experience to help brands and agencies work with influencers to ensure a seamless partnership. For more information on launching an influencer campaign, contact Trending Family.